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Energy Cleansing Kit

Energy Cleansing Kit

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Check out this energy kit that offers a 3-step approach that Creator of KEM jewelry, Kwonnie, has been using for years: Move the negative out, manifest the positive in, now maintain it

Sage: Used for clearing out negative energy, especially in spaces where others are present.  We should take care to cleanse our space the same way we clean our homes and bodies.  Simply light it and let the smoke do the work!

Palo Santo: Once your area is cleansed, you will light this wood stick to promote positive energy and create a welcoming space for clarity and reduced stress.  Burn and let the smoke relax you.  This is also great for places where you meditate and/or perform yoga.

Selenite: This crystal is known for absorbing negative energy.  Selenite promotes healing and protection, which helps you maintain the positive space you have created.  It's also essential for emotional stability.  This is good to keep at your desk, in your car, or even in your pocket.