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KEM Gemstone Bracelets

KEM Gemstone Bracelets


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Listed in order 

Rose Quartz (Pink)Opens up ability to receive and give Love, Calming, Fertility

Amethyst (Purple)
Protection, Peace, Increase intuition


Lapis Lazuli (Deep Blue) Mental healing, Courage, Psychic abilities


Turquoise (Turquoise)

Attracts prosperity, Effective communication, Enhance artistic ability

Aventurine (Green)

Promotes perseverance, Decision making, Eases mental trauma

Citrine (Yellow)

Brings success, Happiness, Attracts wealth

Tiger eye (Brown)

Spiritual power, Self-discipline, Enhances independence

Carnelian (Red-Orange)

Enhance self-esteem, Fights depression, Increase motivation


Red agate (Red)

Grounding during hard times, Reduces stress, Protects aura